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Optimizing your website Google search results is probably one of the most essential things a brand can do. This is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is one of the least understood concepts in the marketing world. While SEO has experienced some massive changes over the last 10 years, its fundamentals remain almost same and this blog highlights the key things to keep in mind when getting on with SEO. Understanding the NEED AND WANT of your customers is the first step to understand what kind of content you need are viewing and sharing via social media channels. You can use free Google Keyword tool or a paid tool like Moz Explorer to get a sense of it. Content Marketing And Blogging has risen by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The norms have changed and writing ‘Good and Unique Content’ is just not up to mark. Creating content that covers only the basic of any topic is quite easy. The modern SEO’s demand are much superior where you need to have the best of the best content in your category to make it into the top results organically. In fact, user experience also plays a great role in ranking the blog higher. The content is only as good as the number of people its able to reach. ssocial bookmarking as well as link building requests. Social media and SEO are two interlinked activities as two of them are directly dependent on fresh content strongly appealing to the potential consumers. Even though there is no such mentions by Google that increase in social media followers will automatically improve the rankings for a specific sets of reason. However, Google always insists on quality links and content rather than its quantity . Social Bookmarking Is Another major SEO activity for ensuring backlinks and also improving the chances of being found. Moreover, its very important to gain backlinks as this is one of the corner stones on which rankings improve. Since the large number of backlinks are important but fraud backlinks should be neglected. It can be a drawback with a negative penalty for any website by Google. Influencer Marketing is also an effective tools for getting required and valid backlinks. Ensuring website should be Mobile Optimized Having a website which is mobile and tablet responsive is again a boon in today's digital world. With this, content across can cover wide range of devices. Brands need to vantage. Technical SEO elements- This activity includes involvement of your digital team as it requires expertise knowledge as well as technology/development expertise to execute. This includes elements like title, description,structured data (to tell Google what kind of content it is, meta tags, implementing speed elements including AMP and redirecting old urls to new urls. Track Results & be patient It’s essential to track your ROI (return on investment). In such SEO activities, tracking of ranking of the keyword (which is less important these days) and the growth of traffic from Google monthly is involved. It easily takes around 6 months to see any favourable changes. Regular creation of content is the fastest method of growing traffic from Google.
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