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Are you going to develop the world’s best Android mobile application? Did you know how to create a successful Android app? And, what factors will come out when you create the same? If yes, then a few things you also keep in mind before developing any Android app. At first, you should understand the importance of quality, performance and robustness across the cluster of mobile devices used by their customers.

If you might have notice that a number of literally apps are stored on the Google Play Store in which some of them are flooded with immense reviews and downloads such as Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Whatsapp whereas others having lack of attention and very lesser downloads.

There are near about 1.6 million apps for Android devices respectively. Till 2019, the mobile users will gain the numbering almost 5.07 billion across the world. As per the above info, the craziness of users for mobile phones and apps are increasing regularly. Therefore, the excellence of mobile apps should not be declined and must be advanced as much as possible.

Have a look for below listed 12 steps that can be helpful to develop a successful Android application.

1. Serve something new
As we should know that Android users are quite differ from the other operating system users. In the same ways, the apps is used by these mobile devices are also dissimilar. The users get bored quickly with one thing. Every mobile user want to something new and exciting. Therefore, you should attempt to develop different and interesting application that can keep people to engage with your app.

2. Analyze the Market Deeply
Before making any app, firstly you should research the market properly and analyze about your competitors, their strategies and strengths, etc. Most often, customer reviews are ignored by the researchers, but these reviews can be helpful to know about the users’ like and dislikes for any kind of app.

3. Efficiency
This is the major factor and if you are an Android app developer, it is necessary for you to sure about your app efficiency. If we talk about the Android’s apps quantity, beats Apple but the quality of Apple apps easily beats Android. This aspect differentiates both significantly.

4. Budget or Financial Planning
This is the essential things because most of the Android mobile apps are free in spite of the Apple. So, the developers should be prepared financially in advance before starting to develop the app.

5. Reasonable cost or pricing
Pricing is one of the critical yet challenging tasks that can’t be ignored. A number of factors are available which need to be considered by developer before deciding the application amount. It should not be too low or too high; it should be as per the marketplace standards and suits the user’s potential.

6. Elite and Useful Description
For those users who are examining your app in Google Play for the first time, it is necessary to create the first 2 or 3 lines attractive enough to switch your app users into potential consumers.

7. Define yourself among audience
You should try to define yourself among users as well as meet the users’ requirements, thus your Smartphone app gain more popularity. These tips will definitely help you to plan the application development more effectively.

8. Design flexible layouts
Android mobile devices have different shapes and sizes. So, you should use the flexible layout designs that stretch the content to fit into numerous kinds of screens and still seem immense. This is the case; you should follow the official guidelines of designs made by Google.

9. Simple and Sassy
Sometimes the great apps are the most simple naturally. New users will go down quickly in case you offer them the best and easy-to-use design. So, take notes and process to iterate intuitive texts.

10. Supportive for Different Localization and Languages
Android devices are used by users all over the world. Since Android applications are become so popular in various areas, a smart move in terms of localized version. By offering the region qualifier and configuration language, the app will switch automatically to the default settings of device.

11. Pursue Android Design Guidelines
This is one of the important factors. Like that “if you would like to share my house, you will need to obey my rules.” Therefore, developer should follow up the strictly design guidelines of Android.

12. Compatible with Latest Trends
The Android versions are Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and now Marshmallow. The Android app developers should develop such application which is compatible with the latest versions but also be supportive for previous versions. This is very essential.

These above listed tips will surely help you to develop a successful Android mobile app. You can also access more tips and tactics for Android app development and expert guidance. Please try to follow up such detailed illustrations and instructions.

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